MSI Multi Service International – Munich Relocation Service

We create a home for your employees

Your employees - they are a part of your team, but they are also strangers. As employees of an international company, they consider jobs without borders as standard practice. Being assigned to a new country, a new culture, is a great opportunity as well as a specific challenge. As their line manager, you must create a solid foundation for cultural diversity within the team and for the well-being of your employees abroad. MSI Multi Service International is happy to support you with our expertise and experience – throughout the working stay in Munich.

For over 15 years we have supported and looked after employees of international companies and their families during the integration process in Munich and the surrounding area. We are unbureaucratic, flexible and personal; we assume responsibility for various time-consuming tasks, including dealing with the authorities and formalities, searching for a suitable home and selecting nurseries and schools. We combine worlds and desires for successful results and satisfied families.

Welcome to Munich. Welcome home.

Astrid Walther & Team

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