About us

As one of the first relocation services in Munich – from the mid-1990s - we have supported countless employees and their families in their new start in the Bavarian city. We have found suitable apartments and houses and seen to the formalities relating to family welfare; we have got to know people in very specific situations with their own individual strengths and habits.

This is our daily incentive: to help all these people into a new home – even if it is often a temporary one. For us, a home is a place where you can attain your ideal lifestyle and make friends, in a place which meets your individual requirements and demands. We are therefore happy to join your employees after the viewing on a small journey of discovery through the new residential area. And, of course, we are also there after hours if the heating fails. We will gladly share the tip from the Italians around the corner. Because if your employees feel happy in their new life, that is a good basis for a successful performance in your company.