Home is where you're welcome

Imagine that you're travelling in a foreign country; you are warmly received locally and are accommodated exactly according to your own taste. After all the formalities for your stay are settled, you can now begin to discover the new country. That seems like a successful start, doesn't it?

Our Multi Service International developed from this vision in 1995. The only difference being that our service is not support for a holiday trip, but instead for a new start in a new working and living environment. To that end, we possess the knowledge of German immigration and residence regulations, an effective property network, linguistic diversity and flexibility. But above all, during our various experiences, we have developed something that cannot be verified with certificates and awards: that is, a feel for people abroad.

We personally dedicate ourselves to the large and small concerns of your employees and their families. And if these families ask for advice on the most suitable lamp for the dining table or invite us to their new home for a glass of wine, then, for us, it is not only a reward, but also evidence that we have understood them.