The best way to deal with the formalities

Register, re-register, de-register: The reporting requirements in Germany are complex, time-consuming and often very confusing for new residents. But what must be, must be. It's a long process, but we can manage everything for you almost single-handedly - from the TV licence and car registration to the work permit application.

Our Multi Service International will register with the TV licence company, the digital TV, the post and the utility companies and will activate the telephone and internet access. We will also assist with the applications for the income tax card and children's allowance and we will help to transfer the driving licence or to register a car. If some documents still need to be translated for immigration purposes, we can also initiate these formalities. In addition, where the physical attendance of the reporting person is required when dealing with the authorities, we can also be there on the spot. This service has been tried and tested for collecting residence and work permits, registering at the residents' registration office, and also for making the initial contact with banks and insurance companies.